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Paediatric Nursing

Subject : Paediatric Nursing
Author : amba V

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Child abuse is one of the major problems affecting children today. Violence by a husband towards a pregnant wife may be a type of prenatal child abuse. This abuse may kill or handicap the child. Child abuse also occurs in institutions such as day care centers, school and child care agencies. Child abuse appears to be on the increase in our society, especially in large metro Politian cities. The in ......

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The term “newly born” refers specifically to the infant in the first minutes to hours after birth. The term “neonate” is generally defined as an infant during the first 28 days of life. Infancy includes the neonatal period and extends through 12 months of age. Not all the newborns need Support for developing the spontaneous respiration but few newborns need the some degree of resuscita ......

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