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Subject : Engineering Drawing
Author : Annaiah M H
Publisher : Dr Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Mahaswamy College of Engineering

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Drawing Instruments are used to prepare neat and accurate Drawings. To a greater extent, the accuracy of the Drawings depend on the quality of instruments used to prepare them. The following is the list of Drawing Instruments and other materials required. a) Drawing Board b) T-square or Drafter (Drafting machine) c) Set Squares d) Protractor e) Drawing Instrument Box f) Drawing Sheet g) D ......

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Visible edges and surface boundaries (outlines) of objects are shown using continuous thick lines shown by line A-A. Line B-B shows dotted lines or dashed lines used to show hidden edges of objects. These lines are of medium thickness. Centre lines shown by C-C are thin and long chains used to indicate the axes of solids such as Prisms, Cones and Pyramids, lines of symmetry, pitch circles etc ......

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When the object shown in figure 2A (a) is viewed by an observer in the direction shown from a theoretically infinite distance (to get the parallel rays), the shadow of the front portion (shown shaded) of the object falls on the plane of projection (vertical plane represented by VP). The resulting figure obtained on the plane of projection will be the replica of the front face. Figure 2A(b) sho ......

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the Principles of projection was dealt with. In this chapter 2b, a detailed study of the projection of points is explained. The position of the point may be described with respect to the three reference planes namely, the vertical plane (VP), the horizontal plane (HP) and the profile plane (left or right plane). Point may be situated in space, 1) In any one of the four quadrants. 2) On any o ......

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we have studied the Projection of Points and now let us study the Projection of Lines. A Line is defined as the shortest distance between two points. In the following study, the Projection of Lines is restricted to Lines located in the first quadrant only (first angle projection). With reference to the Planes of reference namely Horizontal Plane (HP) and Vertical Plane, the Line may be locat ......

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Any plain surface having only two dimensions namely length and width with negligible thickness is called a Plane or a Lamina. The plane surfaces may have straight edges or irregular in shape (curvatures). Examples of plane surfaces with straight edges are thin triangular plate, pentagonal plate, hexagonal plate etc. A thin circular disc, elliptical disc, semi circular disc etc., are examples o ......

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A Solid has three dimensions namely Length, width and height (or thickness). Two orthographic views of the solid are necessary to represent it on a flat surface. Additional views are added to show the solid completely. Classification of Solids: Solids may be broadly classified into two groups namely a) Polyhedra and b) Solids of revolution a) Polyhedra: A solid bounded by plane surfaces is ......

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When the complete surface of an object is opened out and laid on a plane, the object is said to be developed. The figure so obtained on the plane is called the development of the object. An Engineer is required to have complete knowledge of the development of the surfaces in its design and manufacturing process. Knowledge of development of solids is very essential in applications like sheet-m ......

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Isometric projection: ISO means equal and meter means measure. Therefore, Isometric projection means equal measurement and it is a type of pictorial projection in which the three dimensions of a solid are not only shown in one view but their actual sizes can be measured directly from it.

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