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.NET Framework 4.0

Subject : .NET Technologies
Author : Namratha K
Publisher : Sambhramit

Price: 64

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 .NET Framework 4.0

.NET Framework is an essential component of the Windows operating system, which helps in creating applications by integrating different programming languages, such as C#, Visual Basic, J#, and Visual C++. This framework consists of a virtual execution system called the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and a set of class libraries. CLR is a Microsoft product of the common creating execution and develo ......

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 Introducing C#

Need of C#: C# is one of the intermediate programming languages used to create executable program. It is an object-oriented programming language having many similarities to java, C++ and Visual Basic. Being an object-oriented programming language, it fully supports the concepts of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. In addition to these features, C# has various other features, such a ......

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 Namespaces, Classes, Objects and Structs

The C# programming language offers a rich set of functionalities and powerful constructs that allow you to quickly and easily create new applications with minimum code. The most basic aspect of programming involves the use of following:  Namespaces: Allow to group different entities such as classes, objects, and functions under a common name.  Classes: Represents data structur ......

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 Delegate, Events and Exception Handling

Creating delegate objects: You can create an object of a delegate using the following syntax: Delegate-name object-name = new Delegate-name(expression); Where, delegate-name: is the name of the delegate declared object-name: is the name of the delegate object expression: what you want to encapsulate into the delegate object and it can be name of the method or instance of the delegat ......

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 User Interface Design with Windows Form

GUIs are built from GUI controls (which are sometimes called components or widgets— short for window gadgets). GUI controls are objects that can display information on the screen or enable users to interact with an application via the mouse, keyboard or some other form of input (such as voice commands). Several common GUI controls are listed in Fig. 2—in the sections that follow and in Chapter 15, ......

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 Data Access with ADO .NET

An application can have many kinds of data sources such as a simple text file, an XML file, and a database. Databases are typically used when storing different kinds of data such as the name, address, age, gender, and occupation of a person, music, pictures, and many more. A database is a collection of different kinds of data structured into tables consisting of fields and records. Most real world ......

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