Treat failure as a disease and then you have a cure!

At D-Bookstore we always say “let us first recognize something as a problem and then definitely we will find a solution.” So, if you are consistently failing, it is probably more than a problem. It is a disease and then we need to find a cure for it. And we can. I have a close […]

Add some fun element

At D-Bookstore we are constantly thinking of what makes young people visit our site and hang around. And, if some of them don’t, why is that they don’t. It is no secret but we found it out after a lot of thinking. Some found an element of fun there and some did not. Now […]

Do you worry about your writing skills?

For most of us including me, writing to communicate is the most terrifying time. One way of getting out of the fear is to express it and do something about it. That is what I did and I now follow certain rules, and that has got people wanting to read what I write. These are […]

From the D-Bookstore think tank

How often have you felt that you have a great idea or a great thought but no one listens? It is to happen to me when I was young and still happens but not so frequently. So I thought of sharing some little secrets and may be it will help you too. So, here I […]