Treat failure as a disease and then you have a cure!

At D-Bookstore we always say “let us first recognize something as a problem and then definitely we will find a solution.”

So, if you are consistently failing, it is probably more than a problem. It is a disease and then we need to find a cure for it.

And we can.

I have a close friend. He is much smarter than I, much funnier, and much more street smart. He is into real estate. And, he is consistently successful. So, I asked him the secret.

He said, “I am a failure but I worked around it.” “Come along”, he ordered.

That day we visited about 10 properties which were all for sale. He would make them all an offer, so ludicrously low that he more often than not got thrown out. Seeing the stupid look all over my face he would say, “Nine out of ten will throw me out but one will agree. I do not worry about others. I just focus on the deal that I can do business with.”

After all you need to succeed only once.

That is business and you are going to succeed if you know what you are doing, if you have observed why other people fail and if you have observed why other people succeed. You are most likely to succeed when you have learnt something from other people’s failure.

This is the cure.

But as we always say at D-Bookstore, “It is easier said than done”. In the beginning your inherent inhibitions will not let you do it as there is fear of ridicule. But persist with this system and you will find it working very well for you. It is not just about business. It is about everything in life. Make only that offer that will get you something and persist with it till someone accepts your offer.

After all in life you succeed only once. This is true for most of us.

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