Add some fun element

At D-Bookstore we are constantly thinking of what makes young people visit our site and hang around. And, if some of them don’t, why is that they don’t.

It is no secret but we found it out after a lot of thinking. Some found an element of fun there and some did not. Now the question is what is that we need to do to make it a fun spot for everyone.

Being funny is not our basic issue. After all, we are dedicated to deliver the best academic content to every student everywhere in the world. And, that is a pretty serious and a full time job.

Yet we need to be a fun spot. It is more like going to the same restaurant again and again when the food and other factors are the same in just about any other restaurant. We find something more comfortable. And, may be more personal.

That is a fun spot.

It is like many great writers like to have a drink (the same drink) in a particular place. That is the fun place. That is where their creative juices flow out.

Now everyone is going to have a website. And, you want visitors. And, you want them to spend time there.

So how do you make it a fun spot?

Do you have a profile of your visitors or potential visitors? Then, do you have a profile of your critical visitors who are really important to you? They also need a fun spot.

It does not matter how serious your business is.

Add a fun element. Now that is a serious business.

It’s no secret. People come because you have something great to offer. But they stay because it is fun to hang around.

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