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How often have you felt that you have a great idea or a great thought but no one listens?

It is to happen to me when I was young and still happens but not so frequently. So I thought of sharing some little secrets and may be it will help you too.

So, here I go. Let us say you have a great idea and you want to present it to all the great minds, the first question you need to ask is how much preparation you have done. Sounds simple right but you will be surprised at how less we all go prepared to present our idea. Think about it. How much do you know about the person you are planning to pitch? How much do you know about the location, the environment and the other 10 variables that are definitely going to ensure a bad day for you. Those 10 variables are important. Think about them. Think about the other person’s priorities and whether what you are presenting fits into it.

Next is the more difficult part. Have you demonstrated your value to anyone anytime before? Have you built a brand about yourself such that people are amenable to listen to you? If you have not done that, do it. It might take some time- days, weeks or months – does not matter. Unless you have built a system or a brand about yourself where people want to listen to you, they are not going to listen to you. Building a brand includes word going around that you are a great person, you are a great morale booster to anyone around you, you have great work ethic, your integrity is unquestionable and at any point you provide great value.

Now the most difficult part. Does the other person want to repay some goodwill he or she has for you? Have you done something good to someone that is reflecting somewhere else? Keep doing good. You never know where it is going to reflect and then who or how many people want to listen to you.


Now that you have read this post and if can put it into practice, you have better chances of your great idea getting the right exposure and probably funding.


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