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This is a platform for academic content only. Non academic content will not be entertained and will be deleted without the obligation to give an explanation.

D-Bookstore stands for digital book store where study material and other academic content are delivered digitally. D-Bookstore is a virtual book store deployed in websites. Users can download any content that is available at the D-bookstore at the price fixed by the publisher or author. D-Bookstore does not hold copyright for any content available and these rights are either with the author or the publisher. D-Bookstore is a platform where authors, publishers and institutions or organizations upload content which does not infringe on the copyright of anyone else. Content is uploaded on their own free will and can be edited, modified or taken off on their own free will. D-Bookstore does not take responsibility for content that may have been found at a point of time but was not found later.



A Reader/User has the right to read the content purchased, offline using appropriate content readers made available only through dbookstore.com or online using appropriate internet infrastructure. The reader/user is allowed to migrate from one system to another any number of times all or any content purchased through dbookstore.com and downloaded to the appropriate reader made available through dbookstore.com.