Treat failure as a disease and then you have a cure!

At D-Bookstore we always say “let us first recognize something as a problem and then definitely we will find a solution.”

So, if you are consistently failing, it is probably more than a problem. It is a disease and then we need to find a cure for it.

And we can.

I have a close friend. He is much smarter than I, much funnier, and much more street smart. He is into real estate. And, he is consistently successful. So, I asked him the secret.

He said, “I am a failure but I worked around it.” “Come along”, he ordered.

That day we visited about 10 properties which were all for sale. He would make them all an offer, so ludicrously low that he more often than not got thrown out. Seeing the stupid look all over my face he would say, “Nine out of ten will throw me out but one will agree. I do not worry about others. I just focus on the deal that I can do business with.”

After all you need to succeed only once.

That is business and you are going to succeed if you know what you are doing, if you have observed why other people fail and if you have observed why other people succeed. You are most likely to succeed when you have learnt something from other people’s failure.

This is the cure.

But as we always say at D-Bookstore, “It is easier said than done”. In the beginning your inherent inhibitions will not let you do it as there is fear of ridicule. But persist with this system and you will find it working very well for you. It is not just about business. It is about everything in life. Make only that offer that will get you something and persist with it till someone accepts your offer.

After all in life you succeed only once. This is true for most of us.

Add some fun element

At D-Bookstore we are constantly thinking of what makes young people visit our site and hang around. And, if some of them don’t, why is that they don’t.

It is no secret but we found it out after a lot of thinking. Some found an element of fun there and some did not. Now the question is what is that we need to do to make it a fun spot for everyone.

Being funny is not our basic issue. After all, we are dedicated to deliver the best academic content to every student everywhere in the world. And, that is a pretty serious and a full time job.

Yet we need to be a fun spot. It is more like going to the same restaurant again and again when the food and other factors are the same in just about any other restaurant. We find something more comfortable. And, may be more personal.

That is a fun spot.

It is like many great writers like to have a drink (the same drink) in a particular place. That is the fun place. That is where their creative juices flow out.

Now everyone is going to have a website. And, you want visitors. And, you want them to spend time there.

So how do you make it a fun spot?

Do you have a profile of your visitors or potential visitors? Then, do you have a profile of your critical visitors who are really important to you? They also need a fun spot.

It does not matter how serious your business is.

Add a fun element. Now that is a serious business.

It’s no secret. People come because you have something great to offer. But they stay because it is fun to hang around.

Do you worry about your writing skills?

For most of us including me, writing to communicate is the most terrifying time. One way of getting out of the fear is to express it and do something about it.

That is what I did and I now follow certain rules, and that has got people wanting to read what I write.

These are simple rules that can be adapted by anyone and make a tremendous difference to how people perceive you.

Let us start with generating the first line of interest, meaning the headline or title of whatever you plan to write.

  1. Most important part is the headline. Be sure that you are interested in what you are writing. You cannot bluff your way and your audience will see through this. So if the headline is not interesting to you or is a half hearted attempt, don’t even continue. Write it as many times as you can till you feel it is good enough for you to want to read further.
  2. It is not just that the headline needs to be interesting but it has to give some inkling of the content that will follow. This is an effort and it is going to take some time for you to get it right. Practise and practise and after some more practise it will become automatic.
  3. Don’t create a headline just to provoke curiosity. Curiosity is good to start with but if the content that follows is not strong enough, then no one is reaching the end. So match the content with the curiosity quotient.
  4. As far as possible, your headline should not be gloomy or negative unless absolutely necessary. People have a right to be happy and they want to be happy. So try and make your headline positive and cheerful. A positive beginning is like almost winning your battle. The rest will depend on the content.
  5. Your headline should give the reader the idea that it was what they were looking for in the first place and that they are going to get it here.

Today I focused on the Headline. Keep a look out.  We will be covering the body and other matters. At D-Bookstore the criteria is academic excellence and we talk from our experience.

From the D-Bookstore think tank

How often have you felt that you have a great idea or a great thought but no one listens?

It is to happen to me when I was young and still happens but not so frequently. So I thought of sharing some little secrets and may be it will help you too.

So, here I go. Let us say you have a great idea and you want to present it to all the great minds, the first question you need to ask is how much preparation you have done. Sounds simple right but you will be surprised at how less we all go prepared to present our idea. Think about it. How much do you know about the person you are planning to pitch? How much do you know about the location, the environment and the other 10 variables that are definitely going to ensure a bad day for you. Those 10 variables are important. Think about them. Think about the other person’s priorities and whether what you are presenting fits into it.

Next is the more difficult part. Have you demonstrated your value to anyone anytime before? Have you built a brand about yourself such that people are amenable to listen to you? If you have not done that, do it. It might take some time- days, weeks or months – does not matter. Unless you have built a system or a brand about yourself where people want to listen to you, they are not going to listen to you. Building a brand includes word going around that you are a great person, you are a great morale booster to anyone around you, you have great work ethic, your integrity is unquestionable and at any point you provide great value.

Now the most difficult part. Does the other person want to repay some goodwill he or she has for you? Have you done something good to someone that is reflecting somewhere else? Keep doing good. You never know where it is going to reflect and then who or how many people want to listen to you.


Now that you have read this post and if can put it into practice, you have better chances of your great idea getting the right exposure and probably funding.